About Us

With over ten years of home improvement experience AllTrades Kingston puts people first. We know your property is important to you, but what our competition may not know is that your vision for your property is just as important. We take the time to get to know your plans, today the problem could be a leaky roof, but tomorrow it could be an addition to your home.

It is monumental that when looking for that perfect general contractor that they are in the business of building dreams. Started on the foundation of delivering nothing short of high quality service AllTrades Kingston has grown and will continue to grow by believing in a commitment to customer service and product delivery.

Renovation Tips


It is important to always have a professional thoroughly examine a project before starting. In many cases underlying problems may exist that are waiting to be exposed. By working with a tenured general contractor you can have peace of mind knowing that all efforts were made to mitigate financial burden. AllTrades never hides problems and never overlooks the obvious.


You know what you want! For most of us, a project undertaking starts when an idea catches our attention. That could be seeing a new mesmerizing counter top, or even adjusting pre-existing installations to accommodate new and changing lifestyles. One think that inspires and sometimes deters all great ideas is of course the budget. Let us sit down with you and work out every detail and goal you have and deliver your dream. AllTrades looks for only quality solutions and keeps notes on all trends and pricing changes in the market for any type and size of project.


When it comes to your project it is never a bad idea to get a second opinion from someone you trust. Dealing with a new general contractor can be stressful and time consuming, but do not worry we take into account your time is valuable. It is always wise to check reviews, consulting with friends and family and other business professionals. AllTrades Kingston knows that by completing work timely and with a high degree of focus on quality that you will be the newest member of our happy client club!

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